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From Hartsville to Columbia

A few months back, I was contacted by a gallery owner via social media who had stumbled upon my work. I've had several shows in the area since our move to Gilbert in 2016, and was excited about the opportunity to show work in new areas with new faces and gather new feedback. This sort of thing is great for an artist (deadlines to keep us moving), and the work involved in preparing for a show is tedious and takes a tremendous amount of dedication (and coffee AND a patient husband:) but Ive always been a believer of once a ball starts rolling, it's best to keep it doing so. Since the show in Hartsville (and the reception was phenomenal..look at that refreshment table), I received a call from a friend with a connection to a brand new pediatric facility in Columbia, which was looking to embark on a quest to find therapeutic works for their walls. This is where my focus will be for the next few weeks. I was excited about this opportunity (because of course I take this art stuff pretty seriously,) but I was also a student of art therapy at one point, so it's nice to put those theories, as well as my background in interior design to practice. This is a direction every curator, professor of art and critic Ive ever knows has been telling me to move towards for years:) Oh, and here are some cool work in progress photos below.

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