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'I have long been infatuated with nature.  Through painting, I imagine life a little more illustrative and a little more colorful….I admire the quiet things that go mostly unnoticed. I put value on the intricacies that we might otherwise overlook.  


I am inspired by very delicate eco systems. Oftentimes, my work is reflective of the ocean.  Never having been emerged among the coral reefs myself, my imagination wonders. I imagine colors more vibrant than my acrylic paints could emulate. The fluidness and weightlessness of the water we bare witness to, is something I attempt to replicate through my work. 


Aside from the sea,  other aspects of nature play a role in my paintings.  Mushrooms and foliage are main characters of these playful paintings as well, interacting with the rest of their ecosystems. My paintings tell stories to the viewer, and seem to allow the viewer to create stories of their own in the process. 


The goal of my work is to represent an impactful nature that people will hopefully pay closer attention to; capturing the beauty, in a magnified way.


My process varies painting to painting, but usually begins with canvas or plyboard.  Very little is planned in advance, as painting for me has always been about the element of surprise.  As the first layer begins to form, I begin to create a theme for a piece and the composition follows. Layers of resin are poured in between layers of acrylic, creating an illusion of movement, as characters of the painting float about.  Hand thrown ceramic vessels are embedded, to give a more interactive feel: ‘I could just jump right in’, is often a passing comment.  These pieces are reflections of a compromise: the world we live in and the world we wish we could be a part of.'

-Candace Thibeault  





Candace grew up in Gilbert, South Carolina.   Her interest in art began at a very early age and progressed through high school and into college, where in addition to obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree, she also pursued degrees in Public Relations and in Art Therapy.  Upon graduating in 2003, she relocated to Boston, Ma to begin her professional career.   She found herself working as a paralegal and a part time gallery assistant, and found a new love for the compromise between art and business.   In 2004, Candace purchased an art gallery and custom frame shop, while continuing her painting career.   Candace found herself working on projects with pharamaceutical companies, architectural firms, local universities and restaurants, where she was responsible for the aesthetics, interior design and fine art.  In 2009, Candace began working on a series of contemporary mixed media paintings that would gain visual recognition.  Her work began to show in art galleries and at Universities throughout New England, and was featured in several online and hard copy publications.  

In addition to her fine art endeavors, Candace has spent time working as an artist in residence, aiding in creating art curriculum for adolescents in foster care settings. She has worked on independent projects such as the Ohio Bicentennial, jewelry lines featured in Charlotte Magazines 'best gifts' holiday spread, and has served as juror for several university art shows in New England.


Candace's work has been featured in Art New England Magazine , Art Scope magazine (Boston, Ma) , and Charlotte Magazine (Charlotte, NC).   Her work has been featured at Imago Gallery (Warren, RI), Bristol Art Museum, Bridgewater State University (Bridgewater, MA), Bromfield Gallery (Boston), 701 Whaley (Columbia, SC), Duxbury Art Association (juried award winner), Motorsupply (Columbia, SC), Anastasia & Friends (Columbia, SC) and Moxie Frame (Hartsville, SC)  just to name a few. 

In addition to her contemporary work, Candace spends her down time exploring color, mixed media and illustration at her private home studio in South Carolina, where she currently resides.





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